What’s New (2014)

  • 2014/02/26

    The special content, 'Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident -Survey for Japanese Red Cross personnel on their relief activities-(Japanese Version)' is posted. Please visit here.

  • 2014/02/20

    The 2nd Red Cross Nuclear Disaster Seminar will be held on Mar.15, 2013(Sorry, only in Japanese).

  • 2014/02/13

    The Special Content ‘Messages from Relief Team Staff 2 - Nagaoka and Nagahama RC Hospital -’ is posted. Please visit here.

  • 2014/01/29

    The photo gallery, which is focusing JRCS' support activities on brief vist to home, is posted. Please visit here (explanation only in Japanese.)

  • 2014/01/28

    Chernobyl Humanitarian Assistance and Rehabilitation Programme reports from International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies are posted. Please visit here.