Rebuilding lives


Recovery assistance activities by JRCS branches and Red Cross volunteer corps

To help the survivors to recover their healthy and enjoyable lifestyles both physically and mentally as much as possible, JRCS city/town/village branches and Red Cross volunteer corps in Fukushima Prefecture visited the survivors at temporary housing. They provided hands-on activities for the survivors to support them and help revitalization of their communities.

This program started in FY 2011 and is still operating. The activities are provided by each city/town/village branch and Red Cross volunteer corps. The activity programs include patchwork classes, craft classes, health classes, cooking classes, making hot meals, and activities for beautifying communities with flowers. All programs offered are hands-on programs. Since FY 2016, as a part of the development of infrastructure to strengthen regional disaster prevention capabilities, we have been working on preparing and maintaining of the disaster relief equipment such as mobile rice cookers and tents requested by JRCS branches office.

In the future, with cooperation of local Red Cross volunteer corps we plan to utilize such equipment and promote emergency rice feeding training at schools which can be used at shelters at any time due to disasters.