Educational support


Support program for the affected schools of Fukushima Prefecture

Due to the Great East Earthquake and the Fukushima Daiichi accident, some schools were badly affected and forced to evacuate to safer areas where they continue daily schooling at temporary buildings. The school support program was started with the aim of enriching the school life of students studying in such a challenging environment and reducing their stress and anxiety. We provided a variety of programs to meet the schools’ desire, such as watching musical concerts, plays and movies, and hands-on learning through workshops that are suitable for targeted students.

Report of activities

The school support program started in October 2012 and still continued into FY 2018. The number of times the programs implemented so far are shown in the table below.

  FY2016 FY2017
Elementary Schools 8 10
Junior High Schools 10 10
High Schools 7 3
Schools for handicapped children 2 1
Others 1 0

Here are some examples.

Before the disasters, students in Yamakiya Junior High School in Kawamata-Town had been skating at the local "Tanbo Rink (ice rink made on the rice fields)." Since they have become estranged from skating due to their difficult lives in shelters, with the guidance of experts, we held a skating lesson on the official rink aimed at improving their skating ability.

At Namie Junior High School in Namie Town, students had been learning a traditional pottery of their town called “Obori Soma Yaki” in their integrated studies. However, since all residents in the town were forced to move to the shelters and it became difficult to experience actual hands on learning as they did before, we provided the learning experience as virtual learning.

Junior Red Cross poem and 100-word essay contest

JRC poem and 100-word essay contest has taken place since FY 2006. Since FY 2011, we asked students to send their works to the contest. We then judged them and made work collections. The themes of the 100 word essays after 2011 were to express “what they noticed,” “what they thought,” and “what they did or tried to do” after experiencing the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Fukushima Daiichi accident. The purpose of this program is to encourage students to think positively about their future life by expressing their thoughts through "writing activities" and nurture their self-reliance.

Contest details and their works


■ Themes

Poem: “Poem of Life, poem of Love”

100-word essays: (1) My volunteer activity

(2) What I hope to/can do for Fukushima,
Japan and the world

(3) Words/events which moved me

■ No of applicant schools: 64

■ No of poem and essay sent:6,685


■ Themes

Poem: “Poem of Life, poem of Love”

100 word essays: (1) My volunteer activity

(2) What I hope to/can do for Fukushima, Japan and the world

(3) Words/events which moved me

■ No of applicant schools:64

■ No of poem and essay sent:5,067

Junior Red Cross Disaster Management Education Program

In addition to training instructors and leaders, we also provide disaster management classes with the aim of spreading and utilizing “The Junior Disaster Management Education Program” in educational settings for students, who experienced such unprecedented complex disasters, in Fukushima Prefecture.

Report of activities

Junior Red Cross Disaster Management Education Program started in FY 2016 and continues in FY 2018.

International program for the affected high school students

Even before the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami occurred, the Fukushima Chapter had sent students from the JRC member schools of Fukushima Prefecture to a National Society abroad to promote international understanding and friendship. After the earthquake, the chapter has invited students from not only the JRC member schools but also non-JRC member schools to participate in the program. The purpose of the program is to explain the damage in Fukushima caused by the disaster to people of the National Society country and express gratitude to the National Society for the assistance they provided after the onset of the disaster. At the same time, the students interact with youths of the country.
In FY 2017, we invited members from the Philippines to Fukushima Prefecture as we desired many high school students in our prefecture to experience and feel "international understanding and friendship" more familiar. Members of the Philippines participated in the JRC Liaison Council Autumn Meeting, the 50th Prefectural Convention, and could interact with many members of the prefectural JRC member schools.

Program outline

Organized by: JRCS Fukushima Chapter; and council of JRC leaders in Fukushima Prefecture

Supported by: Fukushima Prefecture Board of Education; and association of high school head teachers in Fukushima Prefecture


・ Country and area for travel: Republic of the Philippines (Manila and neighboring provinces)

・ Activities:(1) Visit to the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) and its related facilities

(2) Visit to JRC member schools; interacting with JRC members and local people

(3) Appreciation of Philippine traditional culture; visit to historic sites experience
of PRC's training for disaster response

(4) Visit to Philippine homes; interacting with JRC volunteers and visit to other related groups.

・ Period: August 14 - 20, 2016 (7 days and 6 nights)

・ No. of members: 9 JRC member students, 2 teachers,
2 members of JRCS Fukushima Chapter staff

Starting with the flight delay at the time of departure, the planned school visit was canceled due to heavy rain there, and the schedule was forced to change a lot, which we never experienced before. However, interacting with the members of each branch and JRC members of the Philippines became more intimately than usual, and it became a heart-warming memory of the Japanese members. In addition, during their visit to Payatas, where extremely poor people live, many members looked back their lives over the past and gained very important things to motivate their future JRC activities by seeing family ties, children' smiles, and the activities of Japanese NPO members who were committed to support women's independence.


・ Period: Sunday, November 5 - Saturday, November 11, 2017 (7days and 6 nights)

・ No. of members: 5 members from the Philippines

This was the first time to invite members from the Philippines to Fukushima Prefecture as a part of the project started in FY 2006. The members visited six high schools in the prefecture and experienced the school life of Japanese high school students through participation in classes and club activities. They also visited “The information and communication building of the Fukushima Prefectural Center for Environmental Creation, nicknamed Commutan Fukushima,” to deepen their understanding the impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Fukushima Daiichi accident. On the last day, the JRC Liaison Council Autumn Meeting, Prefectural Convention was very exciting since they participated with their national costumes, exchanged presents and played games with Fukushima members.