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Day 2: Field Trip in Fukushima

Day 2: Field Trip in Fukushima

On Day 2 of the field trip, the Red Cross and Red Crescent members visited places including areas of major damage, a restricted area and a temporary housing in order to understand the effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident on the people and the current situation. College student volunteers of universities in Fukushima City also took part in the field trip in selecting the visited places and guiding the participants.

Trip route

1. Namie Town and Iitate Village
The trip participants traveled to Namie Town via Iitate Village. They listened to an official of the Namie Municipal Government explaining the current situation of the town, and then visited the affected area to look at the damage there. At a cenotaph for the Great East Japan Earthquake victims, a floral tribute was paid.
A. Temporary gymnasium for Iitate Village elementary school children, which is located in Kawamata Town
B. Temporary storage area for soil from decontamination (Iitate Village)
C. Namie Municipal Office and the center of the town (Namie Town)
Photo Gallery: Namie Town and Iitate Village
2. Soma City and Date City
In these cities, the participants visited places relating to food safety. In Soma City, they listened to explanations by the chairman of the fishing cooperative at Haragama Fishing Port, where experimental operations of fishing are still underway. In Date City, they visited an ice cream shop run by a jersey-cow farm of the area.
D. Haragama Fishing Port (Soma City)
E. Ice cream shop (Date City)
Photo Gallery: Soma City and Date City
3. Fukushima City
People evacuated from Namie Town are living in Sasaya-East Temporary Housing. In a meeting room on the temporary housing premises, the trip participants received explanations of the situation from the community association, and then listened to some of the residents living in the temporary housing talk about their current lives and thoughts for the future.
F. Sasaya-East Temporary Housing
Photo Gallery: Sasaya-East Temporary Housing in Fukushima City

Route Map

Digest video for Day 2

Please see descriptions and pictures of each stop on the field trip from the next page.