Preparedness for nuclear emergencies

The websites/webpages below contain information on nuclear disaster preparedness by the Japanese government and local governments and in other countries, and offer helpful information in preparing for/responding to possible nuclear disasters.

Legal and regulatory framework for nuclear emergency management in Japan

Websites/webpages for laws and regulations, guidelines and plans regarding nuclear emergency management in Japan.

Atomic Energy Basic Act (Japan)
Japanese law which stipulates basic principles for the atomic policy.
Act on Special Measures Concerning Nuclear Emergency Preparedness (Japan)
Japanese law which stipulates measures for nuclear disaster prevention by taking the disaster's characteristics into account.
Act on the Regulation of Nuclear Source Material, Nuclear Fuel Material and Reactors (Japan)
Japanese laws which regulates handling of nuclear materials.
Nuclear Regulation Authority (Japan)
Japanese regulator's website for safety and regulation of nuclear energy in Japan.
Disaster Management (Cabinet Office, Japan)
A webpage with links to reports and brochures on Disaster Management in Japan.
Japan Atomic Energy Commission
Website of the commission which was set up in the Cabinet Office to implement national nuclear energy policies in a democratic manner.

International/foreign standards and procedures for nuclear emergency management

Standards for nuclear emergency management by international organizations.

IAEA Safety Standards (IAEA)
IAEA's webpage for explaining the Safety Standards.
Scientific & Technical Publications: Emergency Preparedness and Response Series (IAEA)
IAEA's webpage with links to its series of publications for emergency preparedness and response.
Actions to Protect the Public in an Emergency due to Severe Conditions at a Light Water Reactor (IAEA, 2013)
A publication issued after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident as part of the IAEA’s Emergency Preparedness and Response publication series.
INES: The International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (IAEA)
INES is a tool for promptly and consistently communicating to the public the safety significance of events associated with sources of ionizing radiation.
1990 Recommendations of the International Commission on Radiological Protection
(ICRP Publication 60) (ICRP, 1990)
ICRP recommendations issued in 1990.
The 2007 Recommendations of the International Commission on Radiological Protection
(ICRP Publication 103) (ICRP, 2007)
ICRP recommendations issued in 2007. (Free English extract download is available.)
Application of the Commission’s Recommendations for the Protection of People in Emergency Exposure Situations (ICRP Publication 109) (ICRP, 2009)
ICRP recommendations issued in 2009.
Application of the Commission’s Recommendations to the Protection of People Living in Long-term Contaminated Areas after a Nuclear Accident or a Radiation Emergency
(ICRP Publication 111) (ICRP, 2009)
ICRP recommendations issued in 2009. (Free English download is available.)

In case of a nuclear emergency. . .

Information on what to know and what to prepare for possible nuclear disasters.

What to do in a Nuclear Emergency (Tokai Village, Japan)
Brief illustrated instruction in the event of a nuclear emergency. (Click "For Foreign Residents".)
Nuclear Disaster Management Guide (Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, 2016)
A pamphlet prepared by the Miyagi Prefectural Government for its citizens in the event of an accident at the Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant. [PDF]
Safety and Disaster Prevention: Nuclear Power Plant Accidents (Kyoto Prefecture, Japan)
A Kyoto Prefectural Government's webpage to instruct its citizens what to do in the event of an accident at the Takahama Nuclear Power Plant.
Nuclear Disaster Prevention (Shimane Prefecture, Japan, 2016)
A leaflet prepared by the Shimane Prefectural Government for its citizens in the event of a nuclear accident. [PDF]
The manuals for distribution and administration of iodine tablets (Nuclear Regulation Authority, Japan)
Explanations about the manuals (available only in Japanese) for distribution and taking iodine tablets.
Use of potassium iodide for thyroid protection during nuclear or radiological emergencies
(WHO, 2011)
Explanations about the need to intake potassium iodide and how to take it during nuclear emergencies.
Generic procedures for medical response during a nuclear or radiological emergency
(IAEA, 2005)
Procedures for medical personnel responding to different types of radiation emergencies and at the different stages of the emergency response.

List of websites run by Japanese/foreign/international nuclear-energy related organizations/nuclear authorities.

Nuclear-energy related organizations in Japan
International organizations
Foreign nuclear regulatory authorities