The websites/webpages below contain basic information on radiation and radioactivity and their effects on human bodies, the environment and food safety.

Basics on radioactivity and radiation

Websites/webpages for information about radioactivity and radiation.

BOOKLET Regarding Health Effects of Radiation (Ministry of the Environment, Japan)
A website to provide basic information regarding health effects of radiation by MOE, Japan.
”Radiation and Radioactive Materials Q&A 2″ (Fukushima International Association, Japan, 2013)
Answers written by Prof. Takamura of Nagasaki University (advisor to Fukushima Prefecture on health risk from radiation) to questions about radiation/radioactive materials/health risks were compiled as a pamphlet called "Radiation and Radioactive Materials Q&A 2." [PDF]
About Radiation (Radiation Effects Research Foundation, Japan)
Plain explanations on radiation, effects on cells, etc.
Dose Scale (National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Japan)
A quick chart showing health effects from natural and artificial radiation. [PDF]
Radiation Protection Fundamental Information Portal Site (Hiroshima University, Japan)
A portal site for basic information on radiation and radiation emergency medical care.
Publicity (Nagasaki University, Japan)
Q&As about radiation and radioactive materials.
Fact sheet No. 371: Ionizing radiation, health effects and protective measures (WHO, 2012)
Explanations on radiation, health effects and protective measures in nuclear emergencies.
Students’ Corner (U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission)
Plain explanations for children about nuclear energy, radiation, etc.
Fact Sheet on Biological Effects of Radiation (U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission)
Explanations about background of biological effects of radiation and the effects.
Radiation Protection and the NRC (NUREG/BR-0322, Revision 1)
(U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission)
An 8-page brochure explaining radiation.
Glossary (U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission)
A glossary compiled by U.S. NRC.
Radiation Basics (Health Physics Society, U.S.A.)
Q&As about radiation basics.

Food safety

Websites/webpages for information about food safety.

Radioactive Contamination of Food in Japan (Food Safety Commission of Japan)
Food Safety Risk Assessment on Radioactive Nuclides in Foods.
Topics of radioactivity, The Great East Japan Earthquake (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan)
Information including test results of foods on radioactivity levels in agricultural and other products.
Information on the Great East Japan Earthquake – Food (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Japan)
Food-related information including radioactivity levels in foods tested in respective prefectures.
Fukushima prefecture agriculture,forestry and fisheries products processed food monitoring Information (Fukushima Prefecture, Japan)
Results of monitoring of radioactivity materials in agriculture and other products in Fukushima.

Environmental effects from radiaoactivity

Fukushima University, Institute of Environmental Radioactivity
Researches on radionuclide behavior in the environment including forests, rivers, lakes and ocean are undertaken.