Health Interview Survey and Health Assistance for People Who Evacuated from Namie Town to Iwaki City


The Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS) and the Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing (JRCCN) have been jointly conducting “Project for Health Interview Survey and Health Assistance for People Who Evacuated from Namie Town to Iwaki City.” A report on this project was prepared. In this report, the activities from October 2012 (starting year of this project) to October 2015 are compiled.

The report is downloadable from the link at the bottom of this webpage.

Background of the project

At the request from the Namie Municipal Government (Fukushima Prefecture), the JRCS and the JRCCN has conducted the project from October 15, 2012.

The effects of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident that occurred in March 2011 forced all residents of Namie Town to evacuate the town. The temporary municipal government office was opened in Nihonmatsu City (Fukushima Prefecture). However, many of the residents evacuated also to Iwaki City (Fukushima Prefecture) and lived dispersedly in houses rented by the prefectural government throughout the city. This made it difficult for the Namie Municipal Government to provide enough administrative services to these people. They had no place to get together and this led to a situation where they could be isolated. In order to provide appropriate public health services and the necessary care for these people, there was an urgent need to figure out their health conditions. For this reason, it was decided that nurses and public health nurses from the JRCS and the JRCCN would visit each of about 2,000 persons from Namie Town who were living in Iwaki City to conduct a health interview survey and provide psychosocial care as well. The survey results and their health needs were shared with the municipal government. It is expected that the results will help the Namie Municipal Government to prepare a system in the future that will maintain and/or enhance the health of the people of Namie Town or to form their communities to prevent their isolation.

The initial plan was to conduct this project for one year, but it is ongoing and the activities are still being provided in FY 2016.

Purpose of the project

It was necessary to figure out the health conditions of people of Namie Town who evacuated to Iwaki City as soon as possible and then refer them to public health services to minimize their health problems if they have any. Therefore, the project has been conducted for the following purpose:

(1) To figure out their health conditions by making a home visit and interviewing them. If the interview survey results decide that he/she needs public health or medical services, the project will refer him/her to health assistance by collaborating with the public health section of the Namie Municipal Government.
(2) To figure out their health conditions and assistance needs with a questionnaire.
(3) To practice “care of listening” to their lives and experiences while interviewing them at their homes.
(4) To consider how public health and medical services should be provided for them and how their communities should be formed on the basis of the analyzed results of the health interview survey and their needs for assistance.

Activities of the project

Before starting the project activities, a local office (Iwaki Red Cross Office) was opened at the Iwaki Branch of the Japanese Red Cross Fukushima Blood Center, where administrative staff and staff members from the JRCCN worked there on a full-time basis. A nurse from a Japanese Red Cross hospital and a nurse from the JRCCN formed a team and provided the following activities:

(1) Health interview survey by visiting each family at their home;
(2) Sharing the survey results with the Namie Municipal Government and discussing with them any issues that emerged from the health interview survey;
(3) Participating in salon activities in areas or providing salon activities organized by the JRCS.

The JRCS website has introduced these project activities and they are compiled in a timeline on our website. Please click on the link below.
Timeline of the health interview project activities

Downloading of the project report

The report (PDF) is downloadable from the links below.
The project report (All pages) [PDF]
Cover/Contents/Foreword [PDF]
Chapter I: Background [PDF]
Chapter II: Purpose and significance [PDF]
Chapter III: Project framework and operation [PDF]
Chapter IV: Activities [PDF]
Chapter V: Activities by nurses dispatched from Japanese Red Cross hospitals [PDF]
Conclusion [PDF]
Afterword [PDF]
Questionnaire survey results on health and assistance needs (First year) [PDF]