First Anniversary of Resource Center


1st Anniversary of Red Cross Nuclear Disaster Resource Center

Background for the launching of the Red Cross Nuclear Disaster Resource Center

As of October 2014, the Red Cross Nuclear Disaster Resource Center (“the NDRC”) has marked its 1st anniversary.
It has been three and a half years since the Great East Japan Earthquake. Unfortunately, there are still as many as 126,000 people who are forced to live under evacuation circumstances, and the reconstruction process is still underway. To avoid fading memories of the disaster experience and to pass it down to the next generation, the Japanese Red Cross Society (“the JRCS”) will continue to disseminate information on nuclear disasters and the status of the affected areas through the NDRC’s Digital Archives.

NDRC activities in the course of the past year

The lessons learned from experiences after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident made the JRCS strongly feel the necessity to respond to nuclear disasters. Thus, the JRCS began to create the “(Tentative) Guidelines for Red Cross Activities during Nuclear Disasters” to prepare for possible future nuclear emergencies. The NDRC has also been posting information about nuclear disasters on the Digital Archives. This information has been gathered and used in the preparation of the guidelines. There have been 971 contents and 301 portal links posted. In addition, seven special contents have been released for the public to help them understand the contents in the Archives. The NDRC organized and held seminars on nuclear disasters, in which interactive communication between speakers and audience was possible. The contents of those seminars have also been released on the Digital Archives.

Moving forward

At first, the NDRC assumed Red Cross staff and staff of other medical and relief organizations as users of the Digital Archives. However, as the public is getting more conscious about disaster prevention/reduction on nuclear emergencies and radiation protection, the NDRC will try to gather and disseminate information which is helpful and easy to understand for the public as well. Additionally, the NDRC is planning to develop programs including activities to encourage the use of the above-mentioned guidelines for preparedness for nuclear disasters.

Special contents for the 1st anniversary

Assistance and cooperation from many people have allowed us to commemorate the 1st anniversary. Taking this opportunity, we are planning to ask for messages from external experts about the Red Cross or the NDRC. We will use these messages to reaffirm our role and direction, and introduce the messages on the Digital Archives in conjunction with the one-year timeline of the NDRC activities.

The NDRC will continue to strive for providing information which is helpful to our users and for more people to visit the Digital Archives.