About Red Cross Nuclear Disaster Resource Center

What is “Red Cross Nuclear Disaster Resource Center”?

About Contents

What kind of contents can I browse at this site?

At this site you can browse contents mainly on the activities by Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS) in the disaster caused by Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident, as well as other activities related to the nuclear disasters and the responses by JRCS for them.

Can I quote the contents to my paper, etc.?

Quote is only permitted for non-commercial restoration support use or academic use. In such a case, please clearly indicate the source. Also please conform to this Terms and Conditions.

Where do I contact for my comments or questions on the published contents?

Please contact us at this link for your comments or questions on the contents.

About Digital Archives

Are there any required software to browse the contents?

PDF browsing software is required to see the contents in PDF formats.
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Can I browse with a smart phone or a tablet?

Likewise the PC version, browsing is possible with a smart phone or a tablet.
Please note that a PDF viewer application is required to browse the PDF contents. So depending on the system, you may need to install the viewer application separately.