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Red Cross Health Class
Red Cross Health Classes provided at temporary housing.
Red Cross First Aid Course
Red Cross First Aid Courses to learn about how to prevent diseases and how to use an AED.
Red Cross Health Lecture
Red Cross Health Lectures given by an expert and physicians.
Community reunion event for evacuees
Events where the evacuees were reunited.
Health enhancement program for the survivors
Events and games for health enhancement.
Recovery assistance activities by JRCS branches and Red Cross volunteer corps
Assistance activities provided by JRCS city/town/village branches and Red Cross volunteer corps.
Events for encouraging Fukushima citizens
Events such as live concerts and movie screening to encourage the survivors.
Red Cross Smile Park
Indoor-playground program "Red Cross Smile Park".
Red Cross Smile Camp
Red Cross Smile Camp for the affected students of elementary and junior high schools in Fukushima Prefecture.
Support program for the affected schools of Fukushima Prefecture
Events such as live concerts and dramas for the affected schools to enjoy arts.
JRC poem and 100-word essay contest
JRC poem and 100-word essay contest.
International program for the affected high school students
Affected high school students' international experience abroad.